Why dogs are the best office companions

Why dogs are the best office companions

So, my colleagues at Tiny Wizard Studio alerted me to an incredibly delicious fact last week while they were rubbing my belly. Honestly, I have the best job.

I, in fact, had more engagement on LinkedIn and Instagram last month, than my human (and co-founder) Jess Morgan

Therefore, the rest of the wizards decreed that I, Ruby, resident furry friend and Chief of Sleep and Snacks, should be more vocal about my experience in the studio and contribute more to magical content. 

I agreed. (woof woof).

What better way to start my writing career than by sharing some of my very brilliant insights into why we office dogs make the best companions. 

You’re welcome. 

The rise of the office pooch

Do you receive a rush of joy when you see your four-legged companion with his or her wagging tail after a long day at work? I don’t blame you, it’s only natural. 

Now, imagine being surrounded by that kind of positive energy all day – at work!  Stop – it’s too much to bear I know. 

But it doesn’t have to be a dream…businesses, like Tiny Wizard Studio, are embracing office pets, and I for one think it’s about time too.

Woof! I mean, yep! It’s now the new normal to bring your furry friends with you to work and to embrace them as fully-fledged members of the team. Just check out my title for proof: Head of Sleep & Snacks. It’s such an important role, but we can’t just go by our titles. After all, Director doesn’t just mean standing around telling people what to do all day, does it? In fact, my role is one of the most important. More on that later. 

In case you’re interested, you can find out more about the humans I work with here.

We’re not alone either! Google, Ticketmaster, and challenger bank Monzo are just a handful of the large corporations that are allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. 

Legends. Captains of industry. I salute you. (I mean I would if I could). 

This snackable (see what I did there?) article is for you if you’re the type of person who talks to dogs more than humans and brightens at the sight of a puppy. (They’re overrated if you ask me, they poop everywhere). 

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about how a friendly dog could be a significant benefit to your business and your team. 

We’re the new stress fur-balls

Wouldn’t it be delightful if we could all work in stress-free environments? 

Yes, yes it would. But things don’t always go to plan. The discovery that these humans have run out of teabags, some bad weather making that commute a bit soggy, and the worst thing? Running out of the absolutely necessary and non-negotiable 3 pm biscuit. (no, I don’t eat them ALL).

When my team are feeling a bit blue or are making strange grumbling noises at their desks, I’m always there for a cuddle and a comforting lick to let them know that everything’s okay. 

Once, I pulled on a doggy toy so hard while playing my FAVE game tug ‘o’ war, that I took one of our animators on a little ride around the office on their wheely chair. Oh, how they laughed. That felt great. 

I’m so great. 

Bottom line? We’re GREAT for morale. Why? Because we dole out the love unconditionally. 

I’m very sensitive, y’know. 

Paws for productivity

What happens when humans work in a less stressful environment? They become more productive of course. 

Yes, you might argue that going on a wheely chair ride around the studio, or giving someone a cuddle is distracting them from their work. But I’ve got news for you, after that little break, they head back to their work feeling better, less stressed and more focused on the job at hand. 

In a friendly workplace, work ceases to be labour and instead becomes a place where you can nourish your soul and grow. Just like I need a good long walk every day, humans need connection, support and dare I say it, a bit of love. 

Speaking of walks, teams who take regular breaks from their screens are more efficient. It’s not uncommon for some of the team to take me out at lunch for a walk (occasionally a pub lunch, yum!) Sometime’s they even take me as a group, even better! 

Bonding makes for better communication, collaboration and happier, more connected humans.

We’re A-MAZING at networking

Seeing as my adorable furry face is plastered all over the Tiny Wizard Social, most of the humans who visit my team already know to expect me to greet them at the door. And they love it! 

Who can blame them? 

In fact, I’m thinking of requesting my title to be changed to Chief Greeter. What an idea. 

Sure, there are the occasional two-legged types who aren’t keen on giving me a pat or a stroke. That’s fine too. I’m great at reading a room. My team will also give me a little warning beforehand so that I know, and they know what to expect. 

For those who do love a bit of a furry greeting, it’s amazing how relaxed everyone gets and the first conversations tend to always be about me. And that’s absolutely fine with me, I love the attention. Our meeting room at the studio is so zen, everyone’s so chilled when I’m around. 

Not only that (but as the intro to this article explains), I always get more attention than humans, and that means more conversations are started online, just because of my beautiful face and shiny coat. 

Again, you’re welcome. 

The science bite

Now, I don’t know a whole lot about science. I am a dog after all, so I did some research. 

Did you know, that anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues have been lessened in the presence of pets? It’s true! 

According to a study, caressing a dog lowers levels of cortisol while social interaction between people and their dogs enhances levels of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. 

What does that mean when we talk about fitness? How many people are willing to exercise first thing in the morning in the rain or snow? Not many, right? But my humans have no choice but to walk me, otherwise, I’ll get very grumpy and fat. 

And, as I mentioned earlier, teams who go for brief walks with their office dogs are more creative than those who sit at their computers all day. 

It’s a no-brainer! 

I do not like walking when it’s torrential outside though, screw that. Even I have standards. 

My final thoughts

I’m convinced that having a furry friend like me around increases workplace morale and encourages communication and bonding. Creatures like me also really help with stress and anxiety and can definitely break the ice in any room. 

All I need to do is flash my gorgeous brown eyes and everyone melts like butter. 

(mmmmm, butter) 

Bark! Ooops, I mean but! But, one thing you lot really need to think about is whether your work environment is suitable for a glorious creature like me and whether I am suitable for where you spend your days. 

Yes, I love being around people but I need to be safe, and so do you. 

I am of course fully trained, VERY well behaved and I thrive in social environments, but some of my mates down at the river would be a nightmare here. So make sure you think hard and make sure that it’s the best decision for everyone before you welcome your four-legged companion into your workspace and introduce them to your team. 

Communication is everything, after all. 

Now, where’s my squeaky toy, I think a couple of the team need a screen break. 

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