Why putting a cap on amendments is SO outdated and curbs creativity

Why putting a cap on amendments is SO outdated and curbs creativity

“How many do we get?”

One of the first questions clients normally ask is what about revisions or amendments, “how many do we get?” 

They are always surprised when we say, as many as it takes to get it right.* 

When you are limited to two or three amendments throughout a whole project, you’re probably going to end up with an animation or branding that isn’t quite right; there will always be a few things that you just wish you could change. 

Talk about curbing creativity ????

*(We do follow up by saying this depends on how quickly your deadline is approaching and how quickly that feedback comes back to us because even though we are wizards we can’t slow down time.)

Putting clients in the spotlight

With the wizards, you will have our expert experience to assist you in making your creative vision a reality and we know that sometimes that means making changes. We really appreciate receiving feedback from clients, as it lets us know that we are all working towards the same end goal, or if we need to refocus.

If we need to refocus that’s OK, don’t panic. It’s a creative process, after all, these things happen. We like to get things right!  

You can’t always get things right (although it does happen!) when you are trying to tell a brand story in less than two minutes and as a consequence, our alchemical process has been designed to keep things simple, encourage collaboration, and keep content consistently compelling.  

This is why we offer clear stages at which clients can provide their feedback. Once feedback has been given we lock them in, meaning there is no going back.


We need to lock in the script so that the VO artist can start working on it as soon as possible.


We ask you to sign the storyboard off so that there can be no major changes to the story during production.

Concept art

This stage needs to be finalised so that we all have a clear idea of the visuals for the rest of the animation.


With all of the feedback given before this stage, production should be smooth sailing, allowing us to meet that deadline for you!

You’re the market expert

We want to make sure your business is the star of the show!

So when you work with the wizards don’t let the feedback get you down. Just get it over to Becky, who will make sure to communicate your vision to the wizards.

You don’t have to worry about asking too many questions here. 

Take a look at the Age Cymru project, they needed a few amendments throughout their process but watch how amazing their final animations turned out!

Have we settled your worries?
Summon a wizard today, and step into the spotlight.

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