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Why every brand needs an animated Christmas video

Why every brand needs an animated Christmas video

You can’t deny, we’ve all had our heartstrings tugged from time to time because of the magic of a Christmas advert.

You only have to look at the big brand Christmas videos to know you can advertise the values, products and services of your company using captivating brand narrative, emotive character design and great storytelling, but the question is still why should you consider an animated video for your brand?

Reason 1: It’s a sales tool

In 2013, John Lewis released ‘The Bear and the Hare,’ a 2-minute ‘unbranded’ animated Christmas ad that brought a woodland tale about friendship to life, described at the time as a ‘multi-media festive extravaganza.’ The Guardian

(Can you believe it was released 9 years ago!) 

You’re probably wondering, why go to all that effort, for an ‘unbranded’ ad? 

Well, historically John Lewis are known for being expensive, so the campaign conveyed the idea that small gestures make all the difference, not the price.  They followed the campaign up with branded toys, framed artwork and more, plus Lily Allen’s rendition of ‘‘Somewhere Only We Know’ rose up the charts.

But was it effective? 

Many would say that the campaign was the most effective advert of all time.  It was reported, that John Lewis received more than 11 million views on YouTube since they dropped the advert, which contributed to their total sales of £734m for the five weeks to 28th December 2013.  John Lewis

Not only did John Lewis raise their profile, they became accessible to all, made record-breaking sales with both campaign and non-related items and set the bar extremely high for all other Christmas ads. 

Successful? We think so!

It’s not just an increase in sales that an animated Christmas video could help you with, you know!

Did you know animated videos are excellent for engagement too?  Particularly on your website and social platforms.

Here are some other stats to peak your interest:

– 87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their websites (WyzOwl 2020)

– 46% of marketers who leverage short-form video consider it effective (HubSpot 2022

– Just over 75% of marketers are reporting on how their campaigns are directly influencing revenue (HubSpot 2022

Reason 2: Brand awareness

A marketer’s dream. 

Nothing is more important than brand awareness!

So imagine an animated Christmas video, designed specifically for your business, values and mission, not to mention your branding and style. 

Sounds magical, doesn’t it?  

Well, animated Christmas videos are an excellent opportunity to remind your audience of who you are, evoke their interest and create connections.

Video has become one of the most popular types of content to consume, especially at Christmas.

So it seems silly to miss out on an opportunity like this, right?

Take a look at Barbour, this year they released ‘One of a Kind-ness’, an animation, originally illustrated by Peggy Fortnum in 1958, that brought the beloved Paddington Bear back onto our screens for another year.

Through the original style drawing, Barbour skillfully highlighted their re-loved programme, the importance of buying quality products and recycling/reusing, not forgetting spreading the Christmas spirit; all wrapped up in a tastefully branded short film.  

Pretty clever if you ask us! 

The distinct style, use of colour and of course the unmistakable ‘Barbour’ logo, as well as the touching nod to Queen Elizabeth II made ‘One of a Kind-ness’ a heartwarming animation. 

Quick, someone pass the tissues?

It’s safe to say an animated Christmas video can do more for your business than you ever imagined.

We know we’re biased but take it from us, animation can capture the hearts of your audience; forget sales, forget engagement, forget your business head for one second and remember how animation moved you to tears, made you dance, gave you wild ideas or simply made your smile.  

Why not do that for your audience at Christmas? 

Now we know not everyone can afford a million-pound animation, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a fantastic animated video that supports your brand narrative

We’ve convinced you haven’t we?

We’re here for any questions you might have about the power of an animated video, summon a wizard to find out more.

Check out our very own animated video below!

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