Who needs to read a headline when you can watch an animated video?

You’ve got a great brand and are recognisable, trustworthy and darn good at what you do.

Your offer serves an essential purpose and has a ton of nifty features. That much is clear. 

But will your audience stick around long enough to understand what you can do for them?

The answer to this question is more important than you think.

Unless you can confidently say that even your coldest audiences can immediately understand:

✦ Who your offer serves

✦ What it can do for them

✦   and importantly, why they should choose you over a competitor.

…You’re getting bounces. And missing out on customers.

It’s the reality of shrinking attention spans paired with an increasingly saturated market.

It’s also why the marketing you were doing two years ago won’t work in 2023. (But you knew that already…)

Unfortunately, when it comes to raising brand awareness and standing out in a sea of sameness, engaging your audience is easier said than done. And you end up blending in online as a result.

Why you need an animated video

The thing is, standing out online is no longer about just writing a killer subject line. Writing a witty sales letter. Or slaying your SEO.

Your audiences are bombarded with 6,000 ads PER DAY. And their attention spans are down to less than eight seconds (…and that’s being generous!).

If you want to cut through the noise, you need something special. Something that captivates your audiences visually, audibly, intellectually AND emotionally.

You need content that captivates them emotionally, so they are aching to hear the details. (Instead of leaving them bored by the details and aching for excitement…)

You need to unlock the spellbinding power of animated video.

Of course, we’re not talking about Doodly. Or a cobbled-together PowerPoint.

We’re talking about animated videos that shine a dazzling ray of light on the value of your offer

And engage your audiences with the spellbinding power of storytelling.

These videos are bespoke. Unique to your brand. And near impossible to ignore.

Why choose us to help you stand out online?

We create bespoke, custom, highly creative animated videos that stop the scroll, resonate deeply, and help you stand out no matter how fierce the competition. Even if you think your product is impossible to explain. Trust us. We can make anything spellbinding.

Clarity + Creativity = Sales!

Our bespoke animated videos can help you:

Grab your audience’s attention within SECONDS of them landing on your page

Clarify the key benefits of your offer in a way that’s instantly engaging

✦ Make it crazy simple for your audience to take the next step

✦ And make them feel something for your brand, with spellbinding storytelling.

All our animated videos are fully customised to your unique brand and voice. And your delightful snippets and snapshots can be used across all your marketing platforms.

What you get

​​They say a picture paints a thousand words. But an animated video can explain ANYTHING!

Your bespoke animated video is fully customised to your brand.

✦ A suite of bite-size snackable slices to use across your socials.

✦ The joy and ease of working with a specialist animation team.

✦ Image assets to use across all your marketing for seamless continuity.

Approval at every stage of the game.

We’ll conjure up a video that communicates your vision so powerfully. Your audiences go wild. 

Your customers need you to show them from the get-go why they should care.

☝️ THAT’S how you stick in people’s minds and hearts.

That’s the power of storytelling. 

So if you agree that it’s getting tougher to stand out online. And you’d like to avoid bounces that *should* have been a sure sale…let’s talk. 

 We’d love to show you what we can do for you. Here’s a snazzy example here!

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