Welcome to the storyboard stage!

Welcome to the storyboard stage!

Let us introduce you to the storyboard stage

Bringing your story to life involves the wizards working their magic in a number of different ways, one of the best ways is to spread the story across a storyboard. 

It’s the first chance you will get to see the visuals alongside the voiceover.

You can start visualising how your animation is going to flow, how your characters might look in different scenes, and how different scenes will change! 

It helps to show you exactly what is happening during your animation from scene to scene ????

Meaning, if there are any changes you wanted to make to the story this is the last time to speak up ????

What would happen if we didn’t do a storyboard?

Without a storyboard, the project could easily go astray…

  1. You’d be missing out on the chance to give us feedback at this super crucial stage. Feedback that could have made sure your animation met your needs and expectations perfectly. 
  2. You’d be in the dark when it came to how the visuals and the voice-over worked together. Another major part of the animation that you need to be 100% on board with is before we move on to production!
  3. But it’s not all about you, our animators would have a lot to work out in their heads without a strong storyboard.  

Don’t be left in the dark ????

The wizards want you to be the star of the show, and as you are the industry expert we want to collaborate creatively with you to make sure all content is clear concise and exactly what you want, allowing your business to step into the spotlight and effectively engage your audience. 

And if you still don’t believe us about the importance of the storyboarding stage, even Martin Scorsese the living legend has spoken about the importance of storyboarding when putting together a movie. 

“The storyboard for me is the way to visualise the entire movie in advance.” Martin Scorsese

So we will follow in his footsteps and keep preaching the importance of this stage till we are blue in the face. 

Are you ready to make your business the star of the show? Book a call now!

Check out the animation we did for Veeqo, an Amazon company below ⬇️

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