6 New Businesses With Brands That Bang

Although your company is still in its early stages, we believe that relying solely on the logo you’ve created may not give your company the competitive edge it deserves.  We recommend that you invest in developing your brand to give your company the head start it needs

Think Big.

It’s still possible to reach a global audience even if you’re just starting out your journey.  However, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to do so with a fully developed brand that sets you apart and leaves a lasting impression? 

As branding professionals, we understand that creating a brand for a startup or small business can seem overwhelming, but we excel at bringing these brands to life and can help you establish a unique identity for the business you’ve worked tirelessly to create.

You’ve probably got a million questions running through your head, like;

How will we know what we like?

When starting their businesses, many new entrepreneurs often overlook the aspect of developing their brand.  They are uncertain about what their brand should look like, as it is a new experience for them.

Take Tony from Three Sheds Garden Creatives; he was working hard to build his business, but he was only getting work through word of mouth. 

He really wanted to grow his online presence and build a community of avid gardeners with whom he could share his love of gardening and grow his customer base, increasing the visibility of his services.

We suggested that he needed a brand to build awareness and the Three Shed online community.

There was just one thing: Tony had no idea what he wanted his branding to look like, but luckily we explained, “When you see it, you’ll just know.” 

After following their advice, Tony ended up with a brand that allows Three Sheds Garden Creatives to stand out from the crowd and grow his online community.

How will we stand out from the crowd?

If you’re wondering how will your brand help you stand out in a sea of sameness? Well, you’re not alone. TeamUp asked us the same thing. 

When they launched their business, they were unhappy with their brand’s direction; they were even dissatisfied with the business name. We knew we had to help TeamUp understand how their brand would help them shine.  

We also know with a brand that their whole team loved, it would encourage them to share marketing and social media posts with their audiences.

How will this resonate with our audience?

Sales Made Easy’s founders have experience as both business owners and in sales, giving them a unique understanding of their target market’s wants and needs-Knowing your audience is essential when developing a brand. 

This meant they were keen to share as much information on their target market as possible.

It also gave Sales Made Easy a good idea of the competition they would be up against and made them realise that it was better to stand out from the herd rather than go with the status quo. 

“One of the most important things to consider when building a brand identity is how your messaging will resonate with your target audience.”HubSpot Brand Strategist James Zabik

Sales Made Easy were over the moon with their final brand and has had only positive feedback since launch. It is bold and a little bit unexpected, but combined with the brand’s specifically developed tone of voice, sales brochures, and animated explainer video, they have created a full brand experience that has successfully resonated with their audience.

How will this resonate with our audience?

Without a clear set of brand guidelines, achieving consistency across all touchpoints of your audience is tricky.  The lack of consistency can result in difficulty for your audience to recognise your brand, making the task of increasing real brand awareness a challenge. However, enforced brand guidelines make the consistent presentation of a brand twice as likely. 

Which is what we said to Creatorship when they questioned whether branding was the right path.

Creatorship worked with the team to build a brand that perfectly fitted their business. Once the brand was finalised, Creatorship commissioned an animated explainer video with Tiny Wizard Studio, finally getting to see the true power of brand guidelines. 

The video utilised the guidelines, with a consistent colour palette throughout and even the development of an illustration style that could be added to the brand guidelines. 

It has since demonstrated to Creatorship that having a powerful brand will aid in generating brand awareness right away.

How much of a difference will this really make?

The Laurels were just beginning to grow their business, and up to this point they had thought they were getting by ok with their home made logo, but when the team transformed The Laurels into a business with a full brand identity they already new it was going to have a huge impact on how they would be perceived.

It was not long after that The Laurels got in touch to say they were already embarking on another business venture, as well as continuing to grow The Laurels.  

Did you know

54% of businesses say that brand consistency substantially contributes to the growth of a business.

How soon is too soon to get started?

It can be daunting to launch a business; with all the other things to think about, it can feel like a last-minute rush to get your brand identity in line. 

But for Lavender and Lemon, they wanted to make sure that while they were getting on with perfecting their cleaning supplies, the brand identity would be coming to life.

By the time, Lavender and Lemon were ready to launch, they had a bank of assets for boosting brand awareness and had developed a range of packaging for the entire line of products. 

Along with having some brand-enhancing product photography, which could be used to create a stock of assets suitable for launching Lavender and Lemon social media.

If you head over to Lavender and Lemon Instagram page, you can see how it creates a full customer experience; you can see the amount of thought that has gone into every aspect of the brand, which as a consumer can help to give you more confidence in the quality of the product you are purchasing. 

So to answer the question, “How soon is too soon to get started?”

It’s never too early to start building your brand identity (even if your products are still in the works).

If you’re looking to build a brand identity that will attract your ideal audience and help you build priceless brand awareness, get in touch today!

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