Portfolio Revitalising Welch Fitness: A Remarkable Rebranding Journey

Revitalising Welch Fitness: A Remarkable Rebranding Journey

Revitalising Welch Fitness

Discover the captivating story of Welch Fitness, the brainchild of Lewis Welch and Natalie Davies, established in 2019 as a cherished, family-run fitness centre nestled in the heart of Crickhowell. This fully equipped gym provides a refreshingly open environment for your training needs. With an array of offerings including personalized 1-1 training, invigorating group sessions, engaging fitness classes, expert nutritional guidance, and comprehensive programming, Welch Fitness goes above and beyond to empower individuals on their wellness journey.

Welch Fitness deviates from the norm by placing emphasis on functional fitness and embracing the fundamentals. Bid farewell to excessive machinery, mirrored walls, and fleeting diet trends. Here, the focus lies in delving deep, conquering challenges, and embracing unwavering dedication and consistency.

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Welch Fitness, an energetic fitness studio, partnered with Alchemy Branding with a distinct objective in mind: to craft a brand that surpasses mere visual representation. Their aspiration was to forge a brand identity that embodied their powerful mantra—“Leave your ego at the door and challenge your potential.” The mission? To conceive a daring and influential brand that would deeply connect with their desired audience, fostering a vibrant and supportive community.


Embarking on a transformative voyage, Alchemy Branding set out to breathe life into the Welch Fitness brand, meticulously shaping a holistic branding strategy that transcended mere visual appeal. Recognising the significance of forging an emotional bond and making an indelible mark, the team curated a thoughtful colour palette that captured the brand’s audacity and unwavering resolve. Their intention? To ignite a visual language that resonated deeply and exuded passion.

Brand Awareness

Harnessing the power of the curated colour palette, our team masterfully orchestrated a harmonious and unforgettable brand journey. Each facet, from the lively tones adorning digital and print materials to the arresting visuals woven into captivating advertising campaigns, was painstakingly tailored to fortify the distinct persona of Welch Fitness. The outcome was a resounding triumph—a brand that left an indelible mark, commanded attention, and forged an unwavering brand consciousness within the dynamic realm of fitness.

Beyond the Logo

Ditching the traditional branding playbook, Alchemy Branding took Welch Fitness to a whole new level. We didn’t settle for the ordinary – we made sure every single interaction screamed “Welch Fitness” loud and clear. From killer social media content to kick-ass taglines, they consistently pumped out a message that left a powerful mark on the audience’s minds. It was about stirring up emotions, motivating people to unleash their full potential, and building a kick-ass community. The result? A brand that rocked, connected, and got people pumped like never before.

Leave Your Ego, Embrace Brilliance

The Welch Fitness brand, expertly crafted by Alchemy Branding, showcases the transformative power of branding beyond a mere logo. It demonstrates that a thoughtfully developed brand identity, combined with a strategic and emotionally-driven approach, can elevate a business to new heights of success.

Are you ready to build a brand that goes beyond expectations? Book a call with Alchemy Branding today and embark on a journey to create a brand that leaves a lasting impression.

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