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 Branding Lavender and Lemon

Lavender and lemon

Introducing Lavender & Lemon, a bespoke organic cleaning product company nestled in the Welsh hills. Founded by visionary, Morgan Bagshaw, this brand is committed to creating luxurious organic cleaning products. These innovative and beautifully scented products are crafted in-house, promising safety for families, eco-friendliness, and enchanting fragrances that transform homes into safe havens. To materialise her dream of altering perceptions of cleaning, consistent branding was at the top of her list before launching.

  • Discovery Session
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Packaging Design
  • Motion


Lavender and Lemon is on a mission to transform household cleaning products.

Say goodbye to brightly coloured, toxic ingredients in single-use plastic bottles hidden away in cupboards. Instead, say hello to cleaning products with a purpose: organic, non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients in beautiful, refillable aluminium bottles that will take pride of place on any counter and can be reused infinitely. It’s more than just a brand; it’s a solution and a way of life. A way to combat the toxic tide of conventional household cleaners is by replacing them with safer alternatives made from cosmetic-grade plant and mineral-based ingredients that we trust.


We embarked on an enchanting journey with Lavender and Lemon. The brand identity needed to capture the essence of opulence in a welcoming manner. Before exploring new brand identity options, we needed to take a deep dive into the business vision, goals and audience with a tailored brand strategy workshop. From these insights, our designers developed vision boards, logo concepts and colour options and worked with Morgan to adapt, refine and evolve.


Bringing the branding to life

With the chosen concept, our Alchemists sculpted Lavender and Lemon’s brand identity, and developed patterns, a vibrant colour palette, and packaging designs for each individual and unique product. These elements harmonised to create a cohesive identity, setting the stage for the grand debut. This brand toolkit guided the brand’s application across the website and social media. Consistency is key when building trust and brand awareness.

branding the products

As Lavender and Lemon expanded its product range, packaging design took centre stage. Alchemy Branding meticulously crafted bespoke packaging, elevating each product to a luxurious level. Intricately designed icons graced the packaging, infusing an air of grandeur and spotlighting the brand’s star quality.

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