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3 Sheds Garden Creatives

According to Audrey Hepburn, “to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!” Tony from 3 Sheds Gardening started his company in order to bring beautiful gardens to life, give other people the joy of spending time outdoors, and provide them with the kind of fulfilment that can only come from growing something beautiful.

Meet Tony…

Having been leaving his mark on the gardens of South Wales (including Jess and Dave’s!) since the end of 2020, it was while transforming Jess and Dave’s garden that Tony realised his business could use a brand that would help him stand out from the crowd. 

Tony wanted to make sure that there was only one creative gardening service that came to mind as the world returned to normal and competition began to heat up. He also needed a better foundation for building more cohesive social media posts. 


From the first minute the Alchemists met Tony, they realised that they had one very passionate business owner on their hands, which made learning all about his origin story easy. We quickly understood why Tony was so passionate about this new venture. 

Along with the types of clients he was already working with, Tony told us everything we needed to know about the projects he wished he could do. This provided our branding Alchemists with a good understanding of the target audience and who they would be designing for.

Tony had a brilliant vision for 3 Sheds Gardening, but he was blown away by the amazing ideas that our wonderful Alchemists put in front of him during the vision board stage. 

We helped Tony discover logos that were typographic, had bold icons, or were illustrated. 

It was the illustrated logos that sparked the most joy with Tony, but with a more simple style of illustration as opposed to a highly detailed style. 

Concept Creation

Our branding Alchemist didn’t just show Tony five different logo concepts that all had key features he wanted to include; they also showed how each logo would look as a full van wrap! This allowed Tony to really visualise which logo fit his vision for 3 Sheds and which one would make the biggest impact on his audience.


Tony fell in love with Concept 5 the moment he laid eyes on it. He immediately recognized how well it would integrate with all of the 3 Sheds Garden Creatives touch points and appreciated the option to use the illustrated icon alone.

Our designers explained that this would give concept five a greater range of uses and would be brilliant for building brand awareness. 

We also developed a range of different colourways, but this was limited, as our brilliant branding Alchemist had nailed not only the logo concept but the colour palette from the very beginning! 

Brand Guidelines

Having brilliant brand guidelines leads to better audience engagement and retention, and that’s a fact. Which is why Tony was so keen to get out there and start showing off. We anticipated that these guidelines would pass through many hands, from printers to web developers, as Tony’s business continued to expand. 

To ensure that there would be no blunders in the future, our branding Alchemist made sure that even if the brand guidelines from 3 Shed Garden Creative were jam-packed with helpful information, it would be simple to find the specifics you needed. We also had to include some of the fun details that we knew Tony was excited about, such as the full van mock-up and even his very own personalised plant pot! What more could you want? 

Social Media Training

Once the logo had been finalised and the brand built, Tony asked the Alchemists if there was any way we could show him how to create brilliant on-brand social media content with his new guidelines. Normally this isn’t something we would offer, but after getting to know Tony so well during this process, there was no way we were going to let him struggle to showcase his new brand. 

So we sat down, went through the dos and don’ts, and some simple techniques he could utilise to create reels and static posts. 

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