Introducing the Welsh Creative Industries Entrepreneurs of the year

Wednesday night was exciting!

So SO thrilled to have not only been nominated but to have actually WON the Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the year award at Great British Entrepreneur Awards with Starling Bank ????

It has been one hell of a 2020 and a challenge for all of us and definitely a tough year to be in business. At the beginning of April if felt like the end of the line for us as Tiny Wizard Studio , wondering how we would survive. These past few months we’ve learnt the meaning of resilience, adaptability and hard work and I have no doubt that our, and our teams unwavering commitment has played a part in our survival. At this point in the year, I’m proud to say that we’re standing steady and strong and that the future is looking magical.

This recognition is a wonderful way to celebrate our team’s hard work and brighten our year! Long may we keep the positive vibes and enthusiasm flowing.

Huge congratulations to all the winners and finalists! You should all be extremely proud.

As is said in Frozen II, just do the next right thing…

The only thing left to do was build the trophy

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