How to tell your story through animation without walking talking characters!

How to tell your story through animation without walking talking characters!

Personable doesn’t have to mean people when it comes to animation!

When you think about animation, many visualise walking talking characters and whilst that is one brilliant way to tell a story, there are a whole host of different methods that can be used.

They are often less expensive and take less time to execute, if you’re working to a strict deadline or have an even stricter budget, losing the people will make bringing your animation to life much smoother sailing. 

It’s also a simpler way to avoid any questions around diversity, which is, of course, a fantastic thing to be able to add to explainer videos, but if you only have two minutes in which to get your brand messaging across you’re going to struggle to fit everyone in. 

By eliminating the humans, and focusing on the journey in a more conceptual way, you avoid any potential customers feeling excluded by your business. 

Making it easier for a wider range of audiences to relate to your brand. 

So how do you do it?

If you know that you don’t have time for walking talking characters don’t panic!

Put your trust in your animation and we will make sure to bring your story to life in a way that makes your business the star of the show.

Just like this brilliant story we told for DS Smith!

With a worldwide audience, and the aim to make this animated explainer accessible to audiences aged 5 to 100, removing the human character element allowed this animation to easily meet that aim. 

Instead, we have made the box our main character, an object that people of all ages, around the world will be able to instantly recognise.

It gains a personality of its own throughout the animation, whilst also helping us to effectively tell the story of DS Smith and their Circular Economy.

But it’s not just DS Smith that tells their story without walking, talking characters.

Most recently we have helped Veeqo announce their Amazon partnership to the world.

Without a human character in sight!

Just strong visuals that work perfectly with the Veeqo brand identity. 

If Veeqo had time they would have packed their explainer video full of diversity, to represent the customers they are already working with, but the main aim was to be short, snappy and memorable, for all the right reasons.

Working to a strict deadline the wizards made sure that the Veeqo story was told using a range of graphics in a brilliantly brand-aware style.

Including a lot of visuals that would be recognisable to a global demographic; allowing the wizards to tell the story of Veeqo in an engaging but instantly understandable way. 

Without any viewer feeling unrepresented.

Great isn’t it?

Making you the Star of the show

Now you know that an effective animation doesn’t have to have walking talking characters to tell your brand story brilliantly, what are you waiting for?

Summon a wizard today and share your inspiring ideas so that we can make your business the star of the show! 

When you work with Tiny Wizard Studio, you leave nothing to chance.

No fuss, no frustrations. Just magical animated content that helps you stand out in the sea of sameness.

If you want to see more explainer videos without walking talking characters then check out Tate & Lyle’s animation for project Gemini!

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