How animation generated leads for DairyPower 

Who are Dairypower?

Dairypower is a family-owned business established in Cork in 1973 and is now a global player in the agricultural industry. Specialising in high-quality patented slurry management solutions for cattle, pigs, and poultry, Dairypower now exports its equipment to more than 30 countries worldwide.

To fuel its expansion into North America and boost growth in the UK, Dairypower sought a smart and agile lead generation strategy. Recognising the power of visual communication, they decided to leverage animated explainer videos to showcase their products and services in a captivating and informative way.

Animated explainer videos have proven to be highly effective in engaging audiences and driving conversions. By combining visuals, storytelling, and concise messaging, these videos effectively communicate complex ideas and demonstrate product benefits in a simple and digestible format. This engaging medium not only captures viewers’ attention but also increases their understanding of the value Dairypower’s solutions offer.

Dairypower’s strategic decision to utilise animated explainer videos paid off tremendously. 

Within just 48 hours of launching their campaign, they surpassed their goal of generating 10 leads per month. The videos generated over 140,000 views and resulted in approximately 250 high-quality leads. This outstanding performance not only exceeded expectations but also delivered a remarkable 26x return on ad spend.

The success of Dairypower’s campaign highlights the effectiveness of animated explainer videos as a powerful marketing tool. These videos provide a unique opportunity to engage, educate, and persuade potential customers, driving meaningful results for businesses. With their innovative approach and commitment to excellence, Dairypower is poised to continue their remarkable growth and revolutionise slurry management practices globally.

In today’s digital age, where attention spans are short and competition is fierce, businesses can harness the power of animated explainer videos to captivate their target audience and achieve impressive marketing outcomes.

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