How Animated Explainer Videos Drive Software and App Sales

Tech marketers and sales teams these days are stuck in a loop of endless calls and product demos. It’s a necessary evil that eats up time and energy and cash, and let’s face it, it’s pretty exhausting for everyone involved.

So, what’s the solution? Well, as businesses grapple with the challenge of capturing the attention of prospects, they are increasingly turning to animated explainer videos as a persuasive and engaging tool.

And guess what? It’s working. Recent research shows that 79% of consumers say watching a video has swayed them to buy software or an app.

That’s a pretty big deal. It just goes to show how powerful animated explainer videos can be in changing people’s minds and boosting sales in the tech world.

What are the benefits?

Video content brings many benefits to a business’s marketing strategy. More than just influencing consumer decisions, it’s a game-changer. For instance, including a demo animation on a website can streamline the process of showcasing a product or service. This approach not only saves time for the business but also aligns with the changing preferences of potential customers.

According to a study by McKinsey, a global consulting firm, there’s a trend among modern buyers. They prefer to do extensive online research before making a purchase. In fact, 74% of B2B buyers turn to digital channels to gather information. This shift in behaviour underscores two key points. Firstly, the importance of a strong digital presence. Secondly, the significant role of video content.

When it comes to the transformative power of video content, real-world examples are crucial. We’ve selected some of our favourite success stories for this reason. These stories come from leading tech brands that have effectively harnessed video content.

These brands have achieved two major feats. They’ve saved time and resources, and they’ve also boosted customer engagement and sales. So, let’s delve into how these industry giants accomplished this. They’ve revolutionized their marketing strategies and set new benchmarks for success in the digital world.


Buffer is a big name in social media management tools. They’ve shown the power of animated explainer videos. They saw the potential of this medium. So, they took a creative step and created an animated video to explain their product. This wasn’t just any video. It was a carefully made, engaging piece with a goal to simplify its tool for its audience.

The video has now hit over 200,000 views. This shows Buffer’s successful marketing strategy. The high view count is impressive. But, the real impact is on their business metrics. The animated explainer video has boosted their sales. It’s contributed to a significant 10% increase.

Buffer’s video success isn’t just about sales. The video has also boosted the brand’s visibility and stands out in the crowded social media management space. Buffer has effectively communicated their value. They’ve helped potential customers understand the product. They’ve done this in a clear and engaging way.


Typeform, a company based in Barcelona that specialises in creating online forms, effectively utilised an animated video to explain its product. This video, which has now garnered an impressive 10 million views, has significantly amplified its digital presence.

More than just a tool for product explanation, the video has been instrumental in driving a 200% increase in website traffic. This surge not only signifies the video’s popularity but also its effectiveness in engaging viewers and prompting them to explore more about Typeform and its offerings. In essence, Typeform’s animated video has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing website traffic, enhancing brand visibility, and streamlining product explanations, all while catering to the modern consumer’s preference for video content.


HubSpot is a top marketing software company and offer a great case study on the power of video content. They saw the potential of this medium and took a creative leap. The goal wasn’t just to explain their product. They also wanted to clarify their unique inbound marketing method. This sets them apart in the competitive marketing software field.

The result was an engaging and informative animated video. It has since racked up an impressive 10 million views. This high view count shows the video’s wide reach. But, the success of HubSpot’s video goes beyond just views.

The video has driven significant revenue for HubSpot and has contributed to over $100 million in earnings. This huge figure isn’t just about the video’s popularity. It also shows its effectiveness in turning viewers into customers.

HubSpot’s animated video has more benefits. It’s been an efficient tool for explaining their inbound marketing method. This can be a complex concept to grasp. The video presents this method in a clear, engaging way. It has saved the company countless hours. These hours would have been spent on individual explanations or detailed written guides.

Drive Sales With Video

The use of video content, particularly demo animations, is no longer just an optional marketing strategy for businesses in the software industry. It has become a critical tool that businesses must leverage to save time, cater to modern consumer preferences, and ultimately drive sales.

Embracing this innovative approach can ultimately result in improved efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and accelerated business growth.

For more examples of brands leveraging animated explainer videos, visit our recent case studies.

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