Brilliant benefits of animated explainer videos

Brilliant benefits of animated explainer videos

Are you ready to reap the benefits of Animated Video? 

If you’re here, it must mean you’re almost ready to make a brilliant decision, so what’s holding you back? 

Maybe it’s the fear of the unknown? Or maybe you’ve just not caught the animated explainer hype train yet. 

Well, give us five minutes of your time, to read about these three simple but irresistible benefits of creating amazingly engaging animated videos and how they put your brand in the spotlight. 

1. Be Bold 

Let your imagination run wild. 

You’re only limited by time and money when commissioning an animated explainer… if you want cows in space, we can put cows in space.

We’ve helped a plethora of businesses bring impossible ideas to life, such as making an ear walk and talk for Cardiff Hearing, or turning a team of planning consultants into planning superheroes.

But it’s not just about making the impossible possible, 

Animated characters allow you to be diverse as well as share your business, brand, and values with your audience. 

Microsoft advertising reported that 70% of Gen Z consumers trust brands that represent diversity in their ads. 

Adobe also reported that 38% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that show diversity.

This BAM animated explainer video is a perfect example of how diversity can be effectively incorporated into an animated explainer.  

This video showcases a plethora of diversity, making it a spellbinding example of an animated explainer. BAM wanted to convey their social values to their audience in a compelling and informative manner; therefore, they sought the expertise of the Wizards to create a captivating animation. 

The Wizards went the extra mile by meticulously crafting additional characters to promote inclusivity and ensure that the video accurately represented the communities that BAM supports.

2. Be Stress-Free 

Let the Wizards take a weight off your shoulders. 

People think that commissioning any kind of video marketing is going to be a hefty undertaking, and in some cases that might be true. 

A live-action ad is going to take a lot of communication with a number of different contacts, from film crews, to casting agents and then there is post-production; which involves just as much work as the production did.

However, when you work with Tiny Wizard Studio, Becky (Our time Wizard) will always be your point of contact.  Becky will work with you to make sure the whole process runs smoothly – Without this, everything can be affected, from production style to delaying deadlines, and if the project doesn’t live up to expectations, you might even have to start all over again! 

Our process allows you, the client, to be kept up to date at every stage, making you feel as informed as if you were a part of our team. 

We want to take as much stress off of you as possible.

We also want to make sure your animation is exactly what you need and want it to be. You are the expert in your industry, and we need that ‘know-how’ to help guide us toward the end goal so we’ll always ask for your feedback

An example of using animation over live-action video is a project we worked on with Age Cymru. During 2020, the pandemic put an abrupt hold on all live-action filming due to the restrictions that were in place, but do you know what could continue?  


We worked with Age Cymru to make sure that they could still reach the people that – 

✨ Needed their support

✨ Were looking to meet more people

✨ Or wanted to learn how to zoom with their grandchildren.

Age Cymru knew what they wanted, they also knew what they didn’t want. So when this was brought up during the concept stage the characters got a redesign and the project continued on.

With animation, you very rarely get all the way to the end and then have to start all over again, making it the perfect asset in any time-sensitive marketing campaign.

3. Be Seen

Let us shine that spotlight on you. 

Did you know that 87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website?

When animated explainers have been proven to put the spotlight on one of a brand’s most important parts of the customer journey, why aren’t you already invested? 

And if adding videos to your content helps audiences remember specific details and increases message retention by 95% then the Bumblebee Conservation Trust will have the whole of the UK making space for bumblebee nests in their gardens in no time

Cut through the jargon by turning that webpage into an engaging explainer video. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust realised that a static image surrounded by text just wasn’t engaging enough for their busy audience. 

So they turned to the Wizards to transform their webpage into into an informative but engaging animation.

Bringing the Journey of a bumblebee queen to life through animation has helped them to engage their audience in an unexpected way truly shining a spotlight on their mission to save the bumblebees.  

Any more questions? 

We hope that you’ll be completely converted to the power of animated explainers after that, but if you’re still not sure this is the right move for your business, why not take another look around the studio – 

✨ You can see all of the amazing projects we’ve worked on by clicking here

✨ Get to know more about the animation process by clicking here

✨ Or to meet the team and get to know the Wizards a little bit better, click here.

If you are 100% sold you’ll probably want to book a call with us; we can’t wait to put your brand in the spotlight. 

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