We’ll make your brand the main feature

Animating Success: Leveraging Video Content for Unforgettable Brand Engagement

You’ve got a great brand and are recognisable, trustworthy and darn good at what you do. Your offer serves an essential purpose and has a ton of nifty features. That much is clear. 

But will your audience stick around long enough to understand what you can do for them?

Unless you can confidently say that even your coldest audiences can immediately understand who you are, what you offer and why they should choose you over a competitor, your campaigns are probably not getting the engagement you dreamed of.  

It’s the reality of shrinking attention spans paired with an increasingly saturated market.

It’s also why the marketing you were doing two years ago won’t work in 2023. 

When it comes to raising brand awareness and standing out in a sea of sameness, animated explainer videos and emotive brand storytelling, are your best allies. 

93% of marketers agree that animated explainer videos are an important part of their marketing strategy.

But you probably know that already…that’s why you’re here, right? 

Clarity + Creativity = Sales!

Why we are the experts you need

We are a specialist animation studio that creates animated explainer videos that win over audiences by bringing your most powerful messages to life.

At Alchemy, 12+ years of combined experience have shown us WHY and HOW you can use animation to clarify the irresistible benefits of your offer, immediately.

Making animated explainer videos a valuable tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

Even if you think your product is impossible to explain.

We can make anything spellbinding.  The Wizards have worked with everyone from farms to pharma and we know that even the most complicated (and sometimes boring) subjects can be transformed into engaging content that captivates.

Your Awesomeness + Our Spellbinding Explainer Videos = Droves of raving fans ready to buy!

What you’ll get…

If you succeed, we succeed – when we work with you we’re all in. We want your marketing campaign to see real results. That’s why you get so much more when you commission an animated explainer from us.

★ Your bespoke animated explainer video is fully customised to your brand.

★ A suite of bite-size snackable slices to use across your socials.

★ The joy and ease of working with a specialist animation team.

★ Original artwork assets to use across all your marketing for seamless continuity.

★ Approval at every stage of the game with our robust, tried and tested alchemical process.

We’ll conjure up an animated explainer video that communicates your vision so powerfully, that your audiences go wild. No matter how unsexy you think your niche is.

Think of this as a dazzling movie trailer for whatever you’re launching. Only instead of another Fast and Furious, you get your own custom, one-of-a-kind video showcasing your product’s best features in action.

Oh, and you won’t find any overused stock imagery or footage with us.  Instead, everything is tailor-made and bespoke to your brand, making it easier for you to stand out online. 

Need a trusted animation team that delivers?