Animated explainer videos: what you need to know and why you can’t do without one

Animated explainer videos: what you need to know and why you can’t do without one

You’re in a bit of a fix.

Here’s the issue – you have a great product, maybe a great service, but no newfangled way of showing it off to your audience.

Worse still, the money you’re currently ploughing into your marketing isn’t seeing much of a return. Your customers just don’t seem interested.

For example, no one has the time or the kind of motivation required to read a 10-page product brochure.

It’s too much to take in. All the hard-to-understand bits are, well, hard to understand. Anyone who’s bothered to download it will be asleep by page two. And that’s ok if you’re curing chronic insomnia.

But you’re not. You want your potential customers to be wide awake. If only you had a spellbinding asset that not only made difficult information more digestible but deliciously engaging.

Say hello to animated explainer videos.

They make explaining simple.

And fun, we like fun.

Think of these visuals like the new elevator pitch. You only have a short amount of time to wow your audience and make them fall in love with your brand and your product.

That’s real magic.

People want information fast.

And a short animation will get to the point quickly. It will present what you’re offering using just the right amount of detail.

They are small but mighty in terms of the impact they’ll have on your marketing strategy.

Explainer videos give you so much more.

Animated sorcery makes understanding easier, yes. And if that were the only reason to have one, we’d still be singing their praises but there are plenty of other benefits too.

Video captivates your market.

People LOVE visual content. They cannot get enough of ogling moving pictures with their eyeballs (blame all that VHS voodoo).

“The primary form of media used in content marketing is video.”HubSpot

What’s that, HubSpot? The primary media used in content marketing is VIDEO? That’s mind-blowing, that’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Because video evokes emotion.

When you make people feel something that’s magical – it’s powerful to elicit that kind of response. Now you have them in the palm of your hand you can effectively tell your story.

This is irresistible, relatable content.

Boost web traffic.

Don’t panic, we don’t expect you to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Just know this: video is the bomb for getting clicks.

“Websites with video content are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google’s search results.”


That’s some sweet abracadabra wizardry.

We guzzle up visual information. The explosion of platforms like TikTok are no coincidence, and what do they do best? Short videos (of youngsters dancing badly but you get the point).

Add an animated video to a social media campaign and see how much more interesting your ad becomes – infinitely more interesting is the answer.

Sharing is easy.

You can put videos everywhere your business exists.

Embed them on your website, add them to blog posts and LinkedIn articles, include them on social media posts, and insert them into your email newsletters.

Repurpose the content and you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck.

Sounds like a tough gig.

It is and that’s why to us it’s alchemy.

And like any incantation, you need the right mix of ingredients.

One part important information, several drops of narrative, a squeeze of emotion – all to be performed in three minutes or less.

We give you bespoke imagery and original illustration – there’s no off-the-rack content with us.

So, no, visual magic it isn’t easy and that’s why you need a specialist like us.

You’re asking a lot of these videos. They need to spark interest, compel your audience to take action, and build brand awareness… phew!

Meeting those demands takes SERIOUS talent and that comes at a price.

Buy cheap, pay twice.

When you do this, it’s like putting a curse on your business.

The shine of saving money will quickly dull when you’re left wrangling the problems buying cheap brings.

If price point is where you judge value – go home, you’re drunk. Because the real value of these videos goes far beyond the money you pay for them.

Animated explainer videos are our thing.

We can (nearly) do them with our eyes closed.

If you want one, we can make one – there’s no question about that but get ready for some real talk.

When Tiny Wizard conjure an animated explainer, we’re NOT cutting corners.

It can take anywhere between 70 to 300 hours to produce an enchanting, client-attracting asset.

Yes, you read that right – THAT long for something that might take less time than your average bathroom visit.

But that’s exactly the point we’re making: there’s so much talent and expertise in what we do.

You’ll have to splash the cash.

There’s no point dreaming of your perfect animated video if your budget is three marbles and a piece of chewing gum.

A healthy budget is one that starts at £6k (we bet that made some of you gulp).

Our clients can spend up to £20k on these precious marketing reels.

The people we work with understand the ROI potential. To them, brand communication is high on their list of priorities.

Our process is robust and airtight.

A bit like Tupperware – remember those containers? They were indestructible.

Maybe you have some thoughts about how you want your video to look. But you might also be clean out of ideas – leaving you totally blank.

None of that matters because we’re here to guide you, no matter where you’re starting from.

And if you’d like to understand how we do all that, grab our Animation Process document.


Don’t take the mick with delivery dates.

If you want a three-minute masterpiece it won’t be ready in two weeks.

Project management might not be your strong point but it’s not fair to expect us to accommodate your lack of planning. Yes, we’re looking sternly at you (the same way your physics teacher did in middle school). It will fall on you to allow enough time.

We’re fricken’ awesome.

We have a cauldron full of expertise.

And there will be many (nerdy) wizards assigned to your project.

There’s a lot involved. There’s also a lot at stake. We’re tasked with taking care of your brand identity, we can’t fluff this, it has to be all hands on wands.

Our animators have skills.

Tiny Wizards’ lead animator cut his artistic teeth working on the Channel 4 show House of Rock before animating for shows on Cartoon Network and CBeebies.

We have years of collective knowledge but we prefer the term ‘experienced’ over ‘old’.

We’re at the top of our game so stock images and dodgy rip-offs make us barf. Don’t even go there. We won’t compromise quality to shave off a few quid so please don’t ask us to.

Do you want to be original?

If the answer is yes – hey presto, we’re the bunch of creatives for you.

We are dying to give you unique visuals that will fit seamlessly with all your marketing.

Would you like to see how brilliant we could be for your business? Feast your eyes on our showreel.

After watching that, we know you’ll love us.

So, stop what you’re doing and summon us up.

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