About Team

Meet the Alchemists

The magic begins with this bunch of talented creatives, storytellers, problem solvers, experts, and organisers. We all share one thing; we’re allergic to average and addicted to alchemy.

Jess Morgan

Chief Alchemist

Alchemy Studio was co-founded by Jess, an award-winning designer, with the goal to bring ideas to life through bold design while working flexibly around her young family. Now focussing on business development and growth, Jess is leading a truly awesome team.

Loren Coad

Brand Specialist

Loren graduated from Cardiff School of Art & Design with a degree in Graphic Communication and she gets hyped when bringing brands to life through strategic and spellbinding design. She’s our budding brand specialist and has had the not so small task of taking on our sister company, Tiny Wizard Studio’s brand transformation.

Harry Davies

Brand Specialist

Harry is our brand specialist and also manages our brand here at Alchemy Branding. Harry graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University where she studied Graphic Communication. She is all about creating bold, epic and strategic branding that is impossible to be ignored. Her passion for delivering beautiful brands makes her an alchemist in our eyes.

Jess Indge

Content Writer

Jess (or Jess 2 as she’s known in the studio) loves creating content that captivates and makes businesses stand out from the crowd. Jess keeps our audience coming back for more with our captivating socials and articles. With her way with words, Jess transforms ideas into compelling messages that resonate with audiences, ensuring our clients’ brand stories are told with clarity and impact.

Becky Philpott

Project Manager

Becky, is our project manager and comes from a creative background. (handy!) She’s always wanted to work alongside like-minded people who fill the room with colour. She’s a perfect fit to bring a bit of organisation to the team! She’s here to ensure projects run smoothly, ensure clients are happy and keep the team working their magic.

Jordan Hinnem

Motion Designer

Jordan graduated from the University of South Wales with a degree in Advertising Design. He is our brilliant motion designer and brings a wealth of experience from various brands such as Lloyds Banking Group, BP and Castrol. With his skills, he infuses movement and creativity into our projects, leaving a lasting impression.

Bethan Lewis

Brand Strategist

With over a decade’s experience in the world of public relations and strategic communications, Bethan has advised clients including Sport Wales, B&Q, SUBWAY, Brecon Carreg & Cardiff & Vale University Health Board to name a few and helps our clients get clear on their brand vision by delivering energising strategy workshops, content plans and PR advice.


Snack and Cuddle Alchemist

Ruby is the furriest of all the Alchemists. She greets visitors and clients at the studio, dishes out love and affection when required, makes sure there is hair on the furniture at all times, and cleans up any crumbs that may be lying around unsupervised.

Bo Katan

Causing Havoc Alchemist

Bo Katan is the newest member of the Alchemy Branding family! She is Ruby’s little sister and the 4th child to Jess and Dave. She greets visitors and clients, demands love and affection and makes sure everyone is entertained in the studio.