5 ways to Utilise Animated Explainer Video in Your Marketing Strategy

We’ve been passionate advocates of animated explainer videos for quite some time now, honing our skills to turn virtually any subject, product or service into a captivating marketing and sales tool that engages, stops the scroll and crucially, converts leads into lifelong raving fans.

Have you allocated space in your 2024 marketing strategy for the brilliance of animated explainer videos?

91% of businesses have harnessed the power of video in their marketing endeavours” (as of 2023)

animated explainer video

We hope that you’ve already earmarked a prominent spot for an animated explainer video within your upcoming campaigns, communication strategies, or internal training programs for 2024. Why? Well, the benefits are numerous and incredibly impactful.

Our clients are continually seeking innovative ways to weave the magic of animation into the fabric of their marketing strategies. It’s like music to our ears.

But don’t take our word for it, here is what one of our lovely clients – the Bumblebee Conservation Trust – have to say:

animated explainer video

If you’re beginning to grasp the possibilities you might have been overlooking, get ready. 

We’re about to unveil 5 ways to utilise animated explainer videos in your marketing strategy and offer some insights on how to maximise your investment and simplify your offering, to attract the right customers (and keep them.).

Remember, where there’s a challenge to conquer, there’s an animation waiting to step in and solve it.

1. Product Demo Explainer Animation

If your product is complex or you’ve found that people really need to see it in action to understand it, a product demo animated explainer video can simplify, distil and believe it or not, entertain. Not only that, but if your sales team are spending hours demonstrating via video calls, or making visits to businesses to explain over and over again, doesn’t it make sense to create a reusable demo video that you can send before a sales call? 

77% of customers say they view brands more positively if they provide self-service options for customers looking for support. Self-service enhances the brand experience and generates more goodwill among your customer base. (Vanilla Forums, 2020)

A great example of something that’s easier to understand when you see it in action, is software. 

Animation works hand in hand with well-developed user interfaces. With cleverly designed motion graphics that take the viewer on a journey through your product, customers can get a ‘feel’ for how it works quicker and simpler (and in their own time)

Take Veeqo, part of the Amazon family, its goal is to make it super easy for businesses to sell online. Since their software launched they have been on a mission to show businesses how it can help them save money without breaking a sweat.

But their consumers were snoozing with dry demos from tech guys who knew the jargon but struggled to captivate them.

Veeqo didn’t know how to showcase this money-saving feature to a room packed with its target audience as part of a keynote presentation. They didn’t want to go down the well-trodden path of a screen recording, but they still wanted to showcase Veeqo’s easy-to-interact-with user interfaces. 

The Alchemists came to the rescue and showed them a way to showcase their interfaces while also engaging their audience with motion graphics and kinetic typography. Veeqo’s animated explainer video isn’t just going to be used as part of Veeqo’s presentation it is also featured on the home page of their website. Showcasing their money-saving features and immediately engaging potential customers.  

Brands that use video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search engines than ones that don’t.

If you’re ready to see another example of a business using animation to bring its product demo to life click here to see how Cegedim showcased its healthcare solutions software, Pharmacy Manager. Cegedim offers a PMR system and dashboard that allows pharmacy owners to manage their business with actionable intelligence so that they can spend more time concentrating on patients.

2. Tell Your Story Through Animation

When you’re dealing with emotionally charged content, whether it’s a heartwarming story of triumph or a poignant message that resonates with your audience on a personal level, animation allows you to convey these sentiments in a visually compelling and evocative way. It can capture the essence of your message, using vibrant visuals and creative storytelling techniques that leave a lasting impact.

On the educational front, animation becomes an invaluable tool to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible to a broad audience. It has the power to transform dry, data-heavy information into engaging narratives that captivate and educate simultaneously. 

By leveraging animation, you can break down barriers to understanding and make learning a captivating and memorable experience.

When your subject crosses over both emotional and educational subjects, the storytelling aspect of animation really comes to life, helping your audience to understand and engage with your brand on a different level. 

animated explainer video

When your subject crosses over both emotional and educational subjects, the storytelling aspect of animation really comes to life, helping your audience to understand and engage with your brand on a deeper level. 

Working with Renold, the Alchemists helped showcase 75 years of business history through an engaging animation style. Using material from their archive, coupled with an inventive voice-over, we created an animation that would guide the viewer through Renold’s timeline

This video took centre stage during Renold’s anniversary celebration acting as an engaging talking point that would be a conversation starter at events and on social media.

Before collaborating with the Alchemists, Renold couldn’t envision a concise way to tell the story of their business. Through a comprehensive discovery session, we helped them recognise that animation was the most effective approach.

“An excellent project made even better by the collaborative and innovative ideas from Alchemy We will 100% be using them for future campaigns and marketing work” – Christopher Tomas, Renold 

We have numerous storytelling examples to share, but here are two that we believe will change the way you perceive how animation can breathe life into two different stories: Welsh Cycling and The Bumblebee Conservation Society.

3. Process Explainer Animation

You know how your business works inside and out, but when a new customer stumbles across your website, how easy is it for them to figure it out? 

We know from experience that often, business owners and marketing managers forget how complicated their processes are, and that’s not a bad thing, but it’s where animation can save the day. 

Turning processes into simple, digestible animated explainer videos is the best way to engage new customers, and this isn’t just a marketing strategy; it should blend perfectly into your sales strategy as well.

22.1% of salespeople said the biggest benefit of sales and marketing teams being more aligned was it helped them close more deals.

SL Recycling’s process is precisely what their target audience needs to know, and without coming to the site, there was no better way to bring this to life than with animation. SL Recycling didn’t just want to attract business; they also aimed to raise awareness of the recycling process for Global Recycling Day.

The SL Recycling team could recite every step of the recycling process for each different material, as well as the exact specifications of the trucks involved in the process. Showcasing these became the highlight of this animated explainer video.

This animation has not only helped raise awareness through social media channels of SL Recycling’s process but also by including the SL Recycling fleet and having a limited on-brand colour palette has helped build better brand awareness. 

On the theme of recycling, this animated explainer video for DS Smith about their circular economy is another great example of simplifying complex ideas. If you are trying to find ways of showcasing your sustainability efforts, you have to be inspired by what they are doing.

4. Animated Training Video

Animated explainer videos can work wonders when it comes to teaching people new skills or helping them wrap their heads around new policies. They’re fantastic at breaking down complex ideas into bite-sized, visual stories that just make sense.

65% of the general population are visual learners, and that’s where animated videos shine. They blend engaging visuals with friendly voiceovers to help you understand and remember things better.

animated explainer video

Plus, they’re great for giving you step-by-step guidance, especially when you’re learning practical skills or trying to grasp tricky processes and policies. The best part? These videos keep things consistent, so you get the same message each time you watch. And they’re not just informative; they’re pretty darn engaging, too.

On top of all that, animated videos are super versatile. Whether you’re welcoming new team members, teaching a specific skill, or simply explaining new policies to a global team, these videos can be tailored to fit your needs perfectly. They take the ‘ugh’ out of learning and make it enjoyable and accessible.

When implementing a force-wide policy change Gwent Police knew they wanted to build an internal awareness campaign around a series of animated explainer videos that would give officers a clear picture of the reasons behind the policy change as well as give examples of situations that the officers could recognise from experience.

After the completion of the first two animations, Gwent Police could see the power of animation and came back to the Wizards to add to this series, with an app explainer animation that would fit in with the campaign but effectively instruct users on how the Recognise and Respond app worked, and what to use it for.

Gwent Police were so happy with the results from these animations, that they started sharing these with other forces around the country, and before we knew it we were getting calls from several different police forces asking us if we could do the same for them. 

These videos have done more than just educate and train, they have helped to build a strong awareness throughout Gwent Police around the new Recognise and Respond policy. 

If you are still searching for some inspiration for your very own animated training video click here to see the five videos RWE a leading supplier of renewables worldwide, commissioned to help them introduce some company-wide changes and introduce new policies across the board. 

5. Repurpose and Reuse Your Animated Explainer Videos

Now that you’ve finalised your tailored animated explainer video, let’s talk about the five key places where it needs to shine. Trust us, even if you initially thought your animation had just one purpose, there’s a world of possibilities waiting to be explored.

Marketers and business owners are often worried about investing in animated explainer videos, but in reality, you’re not just investing in ONE video. You’re investing in a suite of sales and marketing content that can be reused, repurposed and recycled for as long as your product or service is on the market.

Your Website’s Welcome Mat: Your website’s homepage is where the magic begins. Place your animated explainer video here, and watch as it captivates visitors from the get-go. It’s like rolling out the red carpet for your audience, offering a delightful introduction to your brand and what you’re all about. Get ready for an increase in web traffic by 41% equaling an instant boost in engagement!

Product or Service Pages: 73% of customers want the ability to solve product or service issues on their own. Take your offerings to the next level by featuring your animated explainer video on your product or service pages. It’s like a spotlight that highlights the key features, benefits, and unique selling points of what you provide. Show, don’t just tell, why your offerings are the perfect solution. Prepare for increased conversions and satisfied customers. 

Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Your booth at trade shows and exhibitions is the perfect place to showcase your animated explainer video. It’s like a magnet that draws attendees in, providing a dynamic and engaging way to introduce them to your brand. 92% of trade show attendees say their main reason for attending trade shows is to see new products being featured. Sit back and watch as your animated explainer video sparks conversations and leaves a memorable impression on potential clients and partners.

Social Media Showcase: People are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content, including social media posts, blog posts/articles and product pages. Your social media channels are prime real estate for your animated explainer video. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, these platforms thrive on visuals. Share your video and watch as it becomes the star of your feed. It’s like a magnet for likes, shares, and comments, expanding your brand’s reach far and wide. 

Employee Training and Policy Updates: Don’t overlook the power of your animated explainer video in-house. Use it for training new team members, onboarding, or communicating important policy changes. It’s like having a friendly, informative colleague who’s always available. Your employees will appreciate the clarity and consistency it brings to the table. 

So, there you have it! 

Your animated explainer video isn’t just a one-trick pony. It’s a versatile superstar that can shine in these five key spots, elevating your brand, boosting engagement, and simplifying complex ideas. 

If you’ve realised it is time to put your business centre stage and have a million ideas about how you can make a lasting impact through an animated explainer video, get in touch today – click here to book a call with an a Alchemist.

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