16 Animated explainer video facts

16 Animated explainer video facts

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to dive into the world of video marketing, we have found all the reasons why an animated explainer is exactly what you need to shine a spotlight on your brand.

The Wizards are ready and waiting to make you the star of the show but don’t just take our word for it, be prepared to be wowed by these stats and facts that really showcase the power of video!

1. It’s the biggest thing to happen to marketing since the Coca-cola vs Pepsi Wars

A. 92% of marketers consider video to be THE most important part of their strategy (curveballmedia)

B. 86% have said it helped them generate leads 

C. But it’s not just about driving leads, over 20% of marketers want to drive brand awareness. But why? (Wistia)

We love a brand that wants to make a difference, but you’ll struggle to get people to notice the work you’re doing if they don’t recognise your branding. 

This is why when we are helping companies to build their brand we always try and encourage them to create a branded animation at the end. 

Not only will it shine a light on the brilliant work you do, but also on that beautiful new brand that you’ve worked so hard to bring to life.

(it’s also a great opportunity to build an even stronger set of brand guidelines with your very own bespoke illustrations.)

2. They will save you and your audience time!

D. When working with the wizards, bringing your animation to life can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like, giving Marketing Managers their precious time back. 

E. If something is going wrong with a product or service, 68% of users prefer to watch an explainer video on how to fix it instead of getting in touch with customer support saving your team time! 

F. Your audience will have all the answers, making a consumer 75% more likely to make a purchase. 

When Cheeky Nibble were launching their brand new hand-crafted granola, they knew the quickest way to spread the word would be through a punchy ad showcasing their exciting flavours and all-natural ingredients. 

All new customers needed to do was watch their ad to find out all the reasons why they should be purchasing a box of Cheeky Nibble. 

Reasons include: It’s Vegan, Nut Free, in 100% compostable packaging and has flavours that will knock your socks off! 

Cheeky Nibble has continued to grow with the help of this extra engaging asset and you can even find them on the shelves of Selfridges.

3. Their not called ‘Explainer’ Videos for fun…

G. 55% of customers think demo videos are useful and help them to understand products or service features better. (mediapost)

H. 94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service. (Wyzowl)

I. 50% of social media users prefer to watch a video to learn something new.

When you’ve got a brand-new piece of technology that could change the world, Do you think your audience has the time to trawl through pages and pages of technical documents?

No, right?! Which is why you should create a short explainer video that cuts through the jargon, straight to the point. 

This is what Celsium did, they were launching their unique new thermometer during the height of the Pandemic and knew that doctors and pharmacists just wouldn’t have the time to be reading a how-to guide. Celsium worked with the Wizards to provide their target audience with an easy-to-understand explainer animation that would be taking as little time as possible out of their already jam-packed day.

4. You’ll want to work with an expert animation team

J. Have a Wizard guide you through our practically perfect processBecky the time Wizard to be precise.

K. Have your script written by a tone-of-voice expert 

l. And have your animation brought to life by an amazingly talented animator.

5. The spotlight is going to be on you!

If you’ve got this far you must be pretty serious about finding new ways to make put your brand in the spotlight, and luckily for you, you’re in the right place. 

At Tiny Wizard Studio, we want to help you make that spotlight even brighter. Whether that is through amazing animation or brilliant branding if you want to be the star of the show you should call a Wizard today!

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